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  • Wynberg Boys' High School

    Wynberg Boys' High School

    Wynberg's main page: our official facebook home for all things Wynberg - academics, culture, sport and service
  • Wynberg Culture

    Wynberg Culture

    Culture, one of Wynberg's four pillars: our page dedicated to theatre, acting, major school productions, our cultural societies, cultural activities and excursions
  • Wynberg Music

    Wynberg Music

    The sights and sounds of Wynberg Music: photos and soundtracks of our musical talent in performances across the Cape - all the events, booking information news and reviews
  • Wynberg Service

    Wynberg Service

    Wynberg's Service Pillar: where we reflect the ongoing efforts of our Service Committee - community and school service projects
  • Wynberg Heritage

    Wynberg Heritage

    From our School Song: "... the heirs of its traditions, Wynberg boys they all remain ...". Our Heritage Page contains photo memories of the best years of our lives and the living history of our ceremonies and traditions, Wynberg Families past and present connected by our endless chain
  • Follow the Wynberg Flag

    Follow the Wynberg Flag

    The road to Wynberg's 175th celebrations: calling our extended Wynberg Family to rally to our Flag as the Wynberg Boys' Schools' Flag circumnavigates the globe to #ComeOnHome2016.
  • Wynberg Old Boys' Union

    Wynberg Old Boys' Union

    Our page dedicated to our Old Wynbergians: all the events presented by the Wynberg Old Boys' Union, features and news of Old Boys across the globe - brothers in our endless chain
  • Wynberg's Hostel - Littlewood House

    Wynberg's Hostel - Littlewood House

    Littlewood House has been home to Wynberg's boarders since 1892: this page reflects their lives as the school's backbone. Explore the facilities and benefits of boarding at Wynberg Boys' High School
  • Wynberg's Ian Melliar Cup Waterpolo Tournament

    Wynberg's Ian Melliar Cup Waterpolo Tournament

    A Wynberg Event Page: dedicated exclusively to our annual U15 schools' polo tournament, the biggest of its kind in South Africa - and most viewed online! Links to live match commentary for every game, photo albums of every match and added value social media news
  • Wynberg Grey Weekend

    Wynberg Grey Weekend

    Since 1996 Wynberg Boys' High and Grey High School have alternated hosting this cultural and sporting exchange: an autumn derby weekend on a grand scale including rugby, hockey, chess, debating, surfing, tennis, squash, shooting, fishing and golf - all proudly covered by Wynberg Social Media: making friends, making memories
  • Wynberg Boys' Junior School Events

    Wynberg Boys' Junior School Events

    All the Winter Sports Festival action, info and photos, 21 - 23 July 2016
  • Wynberg 175

    Wynberg Boys' High & Junior Schools, 1841 - 2016: everything about the 175th celebrations!

Facebook Pages

  • Wynberg Create

    Wynberg Create

    Beyond visual and creative arts studies, the opportunities on offer, and the incredible creativity of our Wynberg Men.
  • Wynberg Aquatics

    Wynberg Aquatics

    Wynberg on the Water: swimming, surfing, sailing, surf ski, kiteboarding, canoeing - news and photos, features and achievements; a celebration of Wynberg's watersport athletes
  • Wynberg Basketball

    Wynberg Basketball

    The official social media base for all things basketball at Wynberg: photos, matches and comeptitions
  • Wynberg Cricket

    Wynberg Cricket

    The official social media home for Wynberg Cricket: news, fixtures and results - photos & achievements of Wynberg's Cricketers
  • Wynberg Golf

    Wynberg Golf

    From our traditional base at Westlake Golf Club and across the links, the stories, photos and features of Wynberg's Golfers
  • Wynberg Hockey

    Wynberg Hockey

    All the information live from our two astros: fixtures and results, live commentaries, photos and features
  • Wynberg Rugby

    Wynberg Rugby

    Wynberg's Rugby in the Western Province Premier Schools Leagues: all the matches, live commentaries, fixtures, results and photos - the teams and our players 'beyond the Hawthornden'
  • Wynberg Rugby Festival

    Wynberg Rugby Festival

    Wynberg Boys' High School's Rugby Festival: a celebration of the game at all high school age levels in the spirit of friendship, rivalry and competition
  • Wynberg Soccer

    Wynberg Soccer

    Wynberg Soccer: the official social media home for Wynberg Soccer
  • Wynberg Squash

    Wynberg Squash

    With a proud competitive history at Wynberg, our squash page features the fixtures & results, tours and tournaments and set to become the online home for our Old Boys' Squash Club
  • Wynberg Tennis

    Wynberg Tennis

    Wynberg Tennis: all the fixtures and results, photos and features
  • Wynberg Water Polo

    Wynberg Water Polo

    Wynberg Waterpolo: celebrating over 40 years of this fast growing summer sport at Wynberg Boys' High School - fixtures and results, pride and passion. Photos and stories links and news.
  • Wynberg Boys' Junior School

    Wynberg Boys' Junior School

    Our younger brothers: news, features and photos from Wynberg's Junior School - brothers in an endless chain from Grade R to Grade 7
  • Wynberg Campus of Schools

    Wynberg Campus of Schools

    A Singular Vision: In Continued Pursuit of Excellence - the Brother & Sister Wynberg Schools; four schools, one campus